3 - 18 years

Our Hip hop classes have an open format. Hip hop should be a personal, expressive and fun dance form. In our classes, students are taught freshly choreographed sets. Sometimes we work with a different piece of music each lesson, and sometimes we extend our sets into full-length dances over a term. Our main aim is enjoyment, we want to make Hip hop accessible for everyone, whether they have danced before or not. The sets we do are often challenging, but taught within a supportive and easy environment. Terminology is important, dancers are taught new terms each lesson.  For pre-schoolers we also include fun obstacle courses during the lessons to keep them engaged. By doing this they get to learn the steps in a fun and active way. Separate Boy and Girl classes are available. Classes start from 3 years to adult. At Jaye's we have a ribbon reward system to gain achievement.