3 - 6 years

If you are looking for toddler karate classes or martial arts for toddlers, you and your child will LOOOOVVEEE our Little Ninjas Program. We teach the skills they need to be ready for school and prep.

They will learn how to focus, how to stand in line without touching each other, how to sit & listen, how to win a game (humbly) and how to lose a game (without crying). How to take turns. Also they will learn the skills of balance, co-ordination, memory skills and more.

As this age group usually have shorter attention spans, these classes are game-based learning. So whilst we may be teaching balance for the day – the students will think they are just playing games & having fun. But as the parent, you will see a marked improvement in their focus, listening and co-ordination.

Our Little Ninjas toddlers & prep martial arts classes will give your child a head-start for school.