Acting classes

4 - 18 years

There is no doubt your child will love our state of the art acting program and we hope you will love that we create a safe space to challenge kids creative boundaries. Everyday we have the pleasure of seeing our students test their skills, push the limits they've placed on themselves and reach new heights in confidence, performance ability and communication skills. Acting and drama is one of the most powerful tools for giving kids life skills that will set them up for a wonderfully successful future...but more than that it creates an opportunity for them to play, have fun and keep that beautiful colour of imagination and creativity in their life. We constantly get the feedback from parents that their children have found themselves again, they just feel like themselves when they are at class, they see them grow in confidence across all areas of their lives. It is exciting for us that we can do what we love...teaching kids a contemporary high energy acting program...and the kids feel inspired, empowered and supported to explore their creativity.