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Online classes in COVID-19 lockdown

Online classes in COVID-19 lockdown

Check out who is offering online classes in lockdown. Free lessons and trials are available.
Math tuition before NZQA exams - is it too late?

Math tuition before NZQA exams - is it too late?

If you consider math tuition or any extra-curricular math activities for your kid, it is highly likely that NZQA exams are fast approaching.But actually the best age for math tuition is 12-14 years. It is the age when children start to realise what they like and what they do not like.It's no that easy to like math, but it is possible to show our kids the beauty of it. At my math club sessions we cover different topics that are not taught at school, play math games, solve puzzles and learn about famous mathematicians who changed this world.Book a free trial now!
Game Art and Development Course

Game Art and Development for kids

Does your child dream about becoming a game creator/artist? Give them an opportunity to try it before committing to a degree in the game industry. The games industry is massive, but it is also challenging and competitive.
Music Lessons

Music lessons on a budget

It's not a secret that music lessons are expensive. For individual lessons the average price is $35 per half an hour. Luckily there's a cheaper option in Auckland. Some music schools are government-subsidised and they run programmes for as little as $70 - $170 a year!
Free holiday programmes

Free holiday programmes to try this summer

You do not need to spend a fortune to entertain your kids this summer. Check out these free activities you can do. Including 2 free holiday programmes.

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