Tips to help you choose swimming lessons for your kids in Auckland.

The price of swimming lessons in Auckland varies from $12 to $20 per lesson. Some schools provide a discount if you take more than 1 lessons per week and/or for early booking.

There's no minimal or maximum age for children to start learning how to swim. But first you need to choose a swimming school.

In Auckland you first need to decide between two options.
The first option is to learn to swim in one of Pool and Leisure centres.
The second option is a dedicated swimming school.

Pool and Leisure Centres

All centres provide swimming lessons, but that is not their main focus. There's usually much more that happens there - fitness centres, casual swimming, competitive training, water games, relaxation areas, water playgrounds/ splash pads for toddlers, birthday parties etc..


  • It's usually a cheaper option. In some south Auckland pools the price can be as little as $12 per lesson.
  • Some of the centres have deep pools and they provide diving and water polo lessons.
  • Most centres have cafes on site and that makes parents' waiting time more enjoyable.


  • Less likely to hire highly qualified staff.
  • Classes may be less individualised.
  • Big and busy pools not specifically designed for learning.
  • Not available in all areas.

Swimming schools

The schools are dedicated to teaching kids to swim. They usually provide some casual public swimming, birthday parties and holiday programmes, but their main focus is swimming lessons for kids.


  • Highly trained staff.
  • Kids receive more individualised attention from teachers.
  • Pools specifically designed for learning.
  • Can be located closer to your place.


  • A bit more expensive.
  • You need to commit for at least one term.
  • As pools are quite shallow, no diving or water polo options.
Whatever option you choose, here are some general tips:
  • Ask for a free introductionary lesson with the same instructor that is going to teach your child.
  • Check how the introductory lesson goes - the connection between a teacher and a child is the most important part in learning success.
  • If your child did not like the lesson, try some other school/instructor. Every child is different and so are the teachers.
  • Monitor your child's progress. If you are not satisfied, try a holiday intense course. For some kids 1 lesson per week is not enough to learn.