5 best STEM holiday programmes in Auckland, summer 2020

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

“The global economy is changing. Current jobs are disappearing due to automation and new jobs are emerging every day as a result of technological advances. The continual advances in technology are changing the way students learn, connect and interact every day. Skills developed by students through STEM provide them with the foundation to succeed at school and beyond.”
As parents, we all want our children to succeed. Learning crucial STEM skills will help your child be more likely to succeed in their future. Although school holidays are supposed to be spent playing, not learning, children will love to learn if it seems less like school - and more like fun. Many holiday programmes providers have STEM-focused classes now. But, which one should you choose?
Here’s the list of options:

WizKids - See details

Located in Mount Roskill, WizKids offer full-day holiday programmes in Coding, Robotics and Minecraft. Price varies from class to class. Starting from $55 (for Augmented Reality class) to $130. Age: 6+
How it is different: Hi-tech Augmented reality and DIY Virtual Realityclasses are available. Let your children experience the new, immersive technologies everyone’s talking about. You can even take your glasses home from the Virtual Reality programme!

The Mind Lab - See details

Located at MOTAT, the Mind Lab offers full-day programmes focusing on Robotics, Coding, Film-making and Animation. Each day children are engaged in two activities from the list. The only downside is that the price is towards the higher end - $150 a day. However, discounts are available when you book 5+ days. Available for children from 7 to 12 years old.
How it is different: A free MOTAT pass is included. Location is everything. Access to the online Mind Lab portal, so you can continue learning at home.

Brainplay - See details

Located in Albany, offers full-day holiday programmes in Animation, Coding, 3D design and Electronics. Children need to bring their own devices or hire a device for $8 each. After-hours care available $8 per hour. 5+ years.
How it is different: Kids of a broad range of ages are welcome, and the programme is tailored to match their abilities. It is also the cheapest option - $80 per day, 10% volume discount available.

Scratchpad - See details

3 different locations - St Lukes, Botany, Albany Full day programmes available every day. 5+ years, Coding, Robotics, Game development, Minecraft. $99 dollars per day, 5+ days get one free.
How it is different: Well-established and available in 3 locations. Currently a ‘Book 5 days, get 1 free’ special offer is available.

Chess Lovers - See details

Located in Remuera, offers full-day and half-day sessions. Children should be fluent with the rules of chess. $65 dollars per day.
How it is different: It's classic. And cheap as well!